Michael Steuer
Leading Authority in Pain Management - Pain Specialist - Board Certified Lecturer


Chronic pain is a familiar story- characterized by reduced function and loss of sleep. Until now, it went improperly treated-even in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s- when conditions such as sciatica were blamed on “bad backs” and “bad knees.” So like any societal condition- when there isn’t a viable solution-generations before us were forced to adapt to debilitating pain and had to “learn to just deal with it.”

But here in the Mid-South, a local physician is pioneering innovative techniques to treat people with chronic pain- as scientists have made a significant discovery. “…There really aren’t that many structures in the neck and upper back that can cause pain, says Dr. Michael E. Steuer in Southaven, MS. So identifying the structure that causes the pain is absolutely critical.”

In fact, establishing a pinpoint diagnosis to give patients targeted treatment for their pain is a pillar for Dr. Steuer at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center. Steuer -who is a leading authority in pain management-is the President and Medical Director of MidSouth Pain Treatment Center-which has five locations throughout the Mississippi and Tennessee area.

Though chronic pain is a huge societal problem and is gradually increasing, Steuer says he always had a desire to help those need, and even dreamed of pain medicine before it was a field. “My grandfather was a very influential rabbi in Chicago,” Steuer reminisced. “I realized the remarkable difference he made in people’s lives and wanted to emulate that.” So Steuer says he married his fascination with mathematics and science with his goal to make a profound difference in the community.

Therefore, graduating magna cum Laude from the University of Illinois with a degree in Mathematics, Steuer earned his Medical Degree from the University of Michigan. Following Residency and Fellowship in Anesthesia at Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Steuer completed a Fellowship in Pain Management at Cornell New York Hospital. He is a board certified educator, nationally recognized lecturer and a clinical specialist in interventional pain management. He has published numerous medical papers and has appeared on television and in print.

While pain management is a fairly new practice- only having come into fruition over the past decade- MidSouth Pain Treatment Center uses state of the art equipment and precision techniques to provide the highest quality of life. Understanding that chronic pain can be a physical and emotional burden, Steuer says his clinics specialize in all pain- from migraines to abdominal discomfort. Traditional management only focuses on spinal, neck, and back pain. But Steuer says, “My concept of precision pain management is based upon the fact that there is an anatomic or biochemical reason for pain to exist, and in order to treat pain properly, we MUST first make the right diagnosis.”

For anyone interested about the different types of chronic pain or want to schedule an appointment at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center should visit their website at http://midsouthpain.com/.

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